They've been waiting for someone like you

Thank you for considering adopting a shelter pet.  If you’re thinking about welcoming the love of a pet into your life, we can help. When you choose to adopt a pet, you save lives. Not only does it give a homeless pet a loving home, but it also opens up an additional spot in the shelter so that more pets can be saved.

So what's included in the adoption fee?

We believe that the love of a rescue pet is priceless but we’re often asked what is included in the adoption fee.  If you’ve ever been to a veterinary clinic to have the services listed below performed on your pet you know the adoption fee is a bargain in comparison.  The items listed below are the base services that are provided to all animals that enter our shelter.  Unfortunately many of the animals that enter the shelter are suffering from ongoing medical conditions such as heartworm disease, food/flea allergies, tumors, dental disease, ear infections, etc.  Our shelter animals are provided with the treatment, medication, medical procedures, etc. that they need to restore their health through the JCHS Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic at no additional cost added to their adoption fee.  The adoption fee you pay and your patronage at the JCHS Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic ensures that all animals that enter our facility are provided with the care they need to find loving forever homes.


Spay/Neuter Surgery

Vaccines: Rabies, Bordatella and DAPPv

Microchip (lifetime registration included)

Heartworm Test

UTD Flea Treatment and Deworming


Spay/Neuter Surgery

Vaccines: Rabies and FVRCP

UTD Flea Treatment and Deworming

adoption fees

We determine each pet’s adoption fee based upon their age, breed and suitability with children and other pets, as well as other factors. Dogs and cats with a higher adoption fee leave a financial legacy for those animals who need extra help, whether they need extensive medical care or just a little more time to find a loving home.     

standard adoption fees

Adult Cats (6 months and older)

Start at $95

Kittens (younger than 6 months)

Start at $105

Adult Dogs (6 months and older)

Start at $200

Puppies (younger than 6 months)

Start at $300

Requirements to adopt

Our animals are generally available for adoption on a first-come first-served basis.  In certain circumstances such as animals with medical or behavioral conditions we may make animals available by application only wherein staff will review all incoming applications and select an adopter they feel is best suited to care for the needs of the individual animal.  Our main concern is the welfare of the animals in our care – and also the people who choose to adopt those animals.  We reserve the right to refuse an adoption that may be deemed not in the best interest of the animal or the adopter.  The general requirements for adoption are:

adoption faqs

Have a question about adopting from JCHS?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Adoptions must be completed at the shelter.  Once you arrive at the shelter you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire which will help us determine which animals might be a good fit for your home.  After the questionnaire is completed a staff member will take you on a tour of the available animals.  If you see an animal you wish to meet staff will bring the animal to meet you in our Get Acquainted Room.  If you decide you would like to adopt an animal you see in most cases you would pay the adoption fee and take the animal home with you that day. 

You will need a valid photo ID and proof of current address. If you hope to leave with a new pet, all cats must be in a carrier and dogs must be on a leash. You can purchase these items at the shelter in our retail store where 100% of the proceeds go back to helping animals in need, or you can bring your own!

You may have noticed that our adoption fees vary between individual animals. Having a higher adoption fee for some animals who will find a home quickly enables us to care for animals in need of lifesaving medical and behavioral intervention. 

At JCHS we have a 14-day return policy on all animals adopted from us to allow the animal to get adjusted to your home.  If it isn’t working out and you return the animal within that 14-day period you will get a full refund of your adoption fee.  If you return an animal once the 14 day period has expired we will be unable to refund your adoption fee. 

Accepted forms of payment include cash, debit or credit card or personal check. 

Every animal is an individual and JCHS works hard to make great matches for our animals and adopters. Some animals may have placement restrictions or requirements established by JCHS based on shelter observations and previous home histories. When meeting with your adoption counselor, they review each animal’s medical, behavior, and placement needs with you to help you find an animal who is compatible with your home environment and your lifestyle. 

While we work extremely hard to make our animals as comfortable as possible, studies show that the longer an animal is in a shelter environment the higher their risk of increased stress and illness. For that reason we operate on a first-come first-served basis and are not able to accept phone holds. If you see someone who interests you please stop in at your earliest convenience! 

Yes!  JCHS is located in the tri-state area with both WV and PA located just a short drive away.  While we do allow out-of-state adoptions we do require that the adopter come to the shelter to complete the adoption.  All adoptions require the purchase of a Jefferson County Dog License. 

"Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what's missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we're here"

~Trisha McCagh~