About Us

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The History of JCHS

The Jefferson County Humane Society (JCHS) was originally incorporated in 1915 and is one of the longest existing nonprofit charities in our region. It was formed to be an advocate for Jefferson County’s animals and at that time, before children’s services programs, it was also an advocate for children. To this day, there is an agreement between Children’s Services and the Humane Society to report and share information.

Unlike many other animal organizations Humane Societies are organized under 1717.05 of the Ohio Revised Code and as per O.R.C. Section 1717.06 “are the inculcation of humane principles and enforcement of laws for the prevention of cruelty, especially to children and animals.

Presently, over a 100 years later, JCHS is still a very viable 501c3 nonprofit devoted to animal welfare issues in Jefferson County. We hire, employ and pay the salaries of the County Humane Agents who investigate and bring to prosecution animal abuse and neglect.

Also, in a partnership formed in 2010 with the County Commissioners, we manage the Jefferson County Animal Shelter and have drastically changed the administration, public opinion, euthanasia rate and programs available. The county still employs the Dog Wardens that pick up stray dogs, clean the dog kennels and feed the dogs but the Jefferson County Humane Society (JCHS) provides all other employees, care, medical and programs for the homeless animals housed at the shelter.

In the last few years JCHS began a veterinarian medical program for the animals housed at the shelter, which has grown to offer low cost quality medical services to the public. This began as an effort to help keep family pets in a loving home instead of coming to the shelter. In February 2018, we opened the Jefferson County Humane Society Clinic, located at 81 Talbott Drive, Wintersville, Ohio. The JCHS Clinic is not simply a building, it is a commitment from us and a place of compassion for the people and animals in our communities.

Everyone at the Jefferson County Humane Society is honored and proud of its success in bringing progressive programs in animal welfare, sheltering and protection to our communities.