P.O. Box 233
Steubenville, Ohio 43952
1 – (740) – 314 – 5583 

JCHS celebrates 100 years!

The Jefferson County Humane Society (also known as JCHS) was first incorporated in 1916.
Current members of the organization are very proud to continue being a voice for the animals in Jefferson County, Ohio – 100 years later!

We are leaders in animal welfare…
JCHS has always fostered an atmosphere of love, compassion and respect for animals.
The responsibility of eliminating any pain, fear and suffering in all animals is something JCHS takes very seriously – offering lifesaving programs such as :
JCHS Humane Operations
Management of Jefferson County Animal Shelter
Veterinary Care for Shelter Animals
Low Cost Preventive Veterinary Care Services for Public Pets

Professional. Compassionate. Strong. Supportive.
The Jefferson County Humane Society is committed to providing the animals and people of Jefferson County, Ohio with top-notch staff members, educational & voluntary programs, and a focused Board of Directors.