How to Foster

Foster Program Protocol

Policy:  The foster program is designed to provide temporary care outside of the shelter for animals whose needs cannot adequately be met at the shelter.  This can include animals recuperating from illness, surgery  or injury.  Also, animals too young to be placed for adoption or who need training or might have socialization issues.  Some instances might include unusual species that require specialized care/environment.  There may be times when fosters are needed due to over-crowding at the shelter.  Fostering is usually short term (less than 60 days).  Animals in foster care remain the property of the Jefferson County Humane Society.


  • Interested people complete a foster care request / application, online or at the shelter
  • Application is reviewed by shelter manager and/or humane officer and if approved:
    •  Home visit is scheduled. If approved:
    • Foster comes to the shelter to meet / interact with the animal.  At this time all the stipulations and policies of the foster program are reviewed.
    • All paperwork is completed and signed, including any release / liability forms.
    • Any needed supplies for the animals are given.
    •  Foster calls shelter weekly to give update on health and well being of animal.
    • Foster returns animal(s) on date previously agreed upon.