Lost And Found

It’s personally rewarding to help a lost pet become reunited with its family, and JCHS takes pride in doing so!


The very first thing we do when a stray pet enters our shelter is scan them with a harmless device to see if they are microchipped. If a microchip identification number is received from the scan, we enter it into our computer and view the information online that is associated with it. If all of the information is up to date, we can contact the owner of the pet and return them home in a timely manner.

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If we scan the pet for a microchip and no information is received – we take a photo of them and share it on our Facebook Page. This step has helped us become very successful in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

A live feed of our Facebook Page posts is available to view below… 

After putting the photo of the lost pet online, we give them a name. We then enter their details into an animal specific software program that we use daily & assign them with a unique identification number. Next, a medical examination is performed. We give them any necessary treatment and vaccinations. Finally, they are given a (hopefully temporary) home at the shelter alongside other residents – fed, watered, safe, and sound until their owner comes to claim them.

We only hold stray animals for 72 hours

During the first 72 hours of their stay with us, the stray animal is cared for like any other resident at the shelter – however, they are not advertised or able to visit with potential adoptive families that come to the shelter. They are considered to be someone’s pet during this time period – just a guest at the shelter.

Once the 72 hour holding time has expired, the animal is then considered an official shelter resident and becomes available for adoption – providing they have not been claimed.
Our adoption specialists will then take every measure to make sure they are eventually placed in a loving furr’ever home.

If you have recently lost a pet…

Please view our Facebook Page to see if a photo of your pet has been recently shared by JCHS – showing that they are currently staying with us. We share a photo of ALL stray pets that come to our shelter on our Facebook Page.
If you think your missing pet has been showcased on our Facebook Page, please contact us immediately to let us know that you are potentially the owner. No stray animals will leave our care unless proof of ownership can be provided.

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