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In April of 2010…
the Jefferson County Humane Society (also known as JCHS) signed an agreement to care for all feline residents at the new Jefferson County Animal Shelter.

The facility was brand new and state of the art in 2010 – however, business practices at the shelter were still very much “old school“.

Any type of medical intake for dogs did not exist, nor was there an active adoption policy.

The day the “County Dog Pound”
became an “Animal Shelter”…
On May 30th, 2013 the Jefferson County Humane Society (JCHS) signed an agreement with the Jefferson County Commissioners to manage the county animal shelter.

We have had a spay and neuter program for the felines under our care since opening in 2010, but during the month of June 2014 we hired a full-time Vet Tech.
Once November of 2014 came around, we hired a consistent Veterinarian. This progress has allowed us the ability to spay and neuter all animals as a part of the adoption process.

All animals that enter the shelter go through an intake process which includes immediately being photographed, entered into an animal specific software program and assigned a unique identification number.
Every animal is given a medical examination, any necessary treatment and vaccinations once they’ve arrived at the shelter. This practice not only helps to insure a healthy animal at the time of adoption, but also a clean kennel.


Did you know that the baseline percentage of
euthanasia rates for no-kill shelters is 10%?…

The euthanasia rate at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter has dropped significantly
going from 74% to just
JCHS is proud to say that this drop in rates happened not that long ago,
and within a very short amount of time – by the hard work and dedication of the people involved.

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Jefferson County Humane Society has extended the shelter hours of operation, and it is now open 7 days a week!
This decision was made to allow the public more time to conveniently adopt a new pet.
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