Public Pet Care


If you’re searching for low cost medical care for your pet, it’s SIMPLE to find at Jefferson County Human Society!

Spay or Neuter : Spaying or neutering is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. There are many health, behavioral & other benefits to having your pet altered.

Immunizations : Routine vaccinations are important in keeping pets safe from many common diseases. The JCHS medical team vaccinates thousands of animals each year to protect them from deadly & transmittable diseases.

Microchipping : A microchip is a permanent form of pet ID. The microchip itself has no internal energy source – so it will last the life of your pet. It is read by passing a microchip scanner over the pet’s shoulder blades and can be scanned by a shelter that may pick up your pet if it is lost.

Parasite Control : Pets can often harbor zoonotic parasites – meaning they can be transmitted to the human members of your family as well as being harmful to your pet. Making sure your pet is on a year-round parasite control program will help protect your pet and family.

Life Stage : Life stage divisions offer a framework for individualized veterinary care for your dog or cat. The stage of life of a dog or cat can affect what diseases he or she may be most prone to and what vaccinations he or she needs.

Examinations : Routine, annual wellness exams with a veterinarian can maximize your pet’s quality of life and life expectancy, minimize your costs of diagnosing and treating medical & behavioral problems, and give you the peace of mind that you are doing all you can for your pet’s good health.


Our SIMPLE six-point pet wellness program will help ensure the well-being of your four-legged best friend for years to come!


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