May 2017 | Volunteer of the Month : Jayce Hicks

I’d like to introduce our volunteer of the month, the one, the only, Jayce Hicks. This sweet, caring, affectionate, dependable, beautiful girl is at the shelter weekly with her dear friend, Di, which we nicknamed them the “dynamic duo” because there is no task that they can’t handle. Jayce always has a smile on her face, even after deep cleaning the cat rooms. Once she finishes a task, she finds a staff and asks if they need help! She is AMAZING! On holidays, when the shelter is closed to the public, the “dynamic duo” come in to take care of all the felines, cleaning, feeding, spending time with each one and making sure all doggies are happy and healthy, by showering them with affection. If you see Jayce around, let her know how important she is to our community.