No Voice.
No Choice.



Animals have no voice. An animal cannot verbally express how they are feeling or being treated physically & emotionally. As human beings, we have to be an advocate for them. Not only for the animals we personally own, but for other animals that we encounter. Not every pet owner fits the profile of a true “animal lover”. Some “animal lovers” truly do have good intentions, but they are blind sided by the poor environments and lack of appropriate care that they are providing for their animals.
To help animals that are suffering and need a humans help – the responsibility of looking for signs of animal abuse and neglect should be taken seriously – by every person – in every community.

Be a voice for all animals!

If you suspect an animal is being abused or neglected, please contact Jefferson County Humane Society – Humane Operations. Your voice will be kept confidential, and your actions just might be what saves an animals life.


Jefferson County Humane Society
Humane Operations
200 Airpark Drive
Wintersville, Ohio 43953