September 2017 | Volunteers of the Month : Donna and Rick Clashman


Say hello to Dona and Rick Clashman, our September volunteers of the month.

This dedicated couple comes as a package deal but definitely can be counted on if needed individually. Dona and Rick are ALWAYS there to assist our Humane Operations team and opening their home to fostering our non traditional animals like ferrets.

We are very grateful to have this dynamic duo as part of our shelter family! CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you for ALL you do!

May 2017 | Volunteer of the Month : Jayce Hicks

I’d like to introduce our volunteer of the month, the one, the only, Jayce Hicks. This sweet, caring, affectionate, dependable, beautiful girl is at the shelter weekly with her dear friend, Di, which we nicknamed them the “dynamic duo” because there is no task that they can’t handle. Jayce always has a smile on her face, even after deep cleaning the cat rooms. Once she finishes a task, she finds a staff and asks if they need help! She is AMAZING! On holidays, when the shelter is closed to the public, the “dynamic duo” come in to take care of all the felines, cleaning, feeding, spending time with each one and making sure all doggies are happy and healthy, by showering them with affection. If you see Jayce around, let her know how important she is to our community.


January 2017 | Volunteer of the Month : Cherry Lee

cherry lee1

Meet our Volunteer of the Month for January 2017, Cherry Lee. Ever see a beautiful picture of one of our shelter animals? That’s the work of this incredibly talented photographer who works behind the scenes capturing the perfect shots and helping us show to the public how beautiful our animals are. Who knows how many animals have been adopted as a direct result of her time and talent ! She’s also one of our favorite “foster failures”. Cherry fostered the cuties pictured below….now they are part of her home !! 🙂 We are so grateful she’s part of our Humane Society family ! 

cherry lee3

December 2016 | Volunteer of the Month : J.C. Hicks


Say hello to our December volunteer of the month, J. C. Hicks ! We’re all used to seeing JC around, if there’s a fund raiser, she’s there. If there’s a clean up job, she’s there. She steps up for every need and just asks …what needs to be done?   She’s invaluable to our shelter and we’re grateful for her many hours of selfless service.


Congratulations J.C – THANK YOU!

November 2016 | Volunteer of the Month : Sydnee Kirkpatrick


Say hello to Sydney Kirkpatrick, our November volunteer of the month. Sydney is one of our junior volunteers. She’s been coming to the shelter with her mother, board member Kristi, for a long time!

She’s great with the pups and the big dogs too ! She often helps at off-site adoptions, tag days and wherever needed ! It’s so wonderful to have a young person show such devotion to the animals….she’s beloved and an inspiration to all of us at the Humane Society !


sidnee4 sydnee3

Congratulations Sydnee – THANK YOU!

October 2016 | Volunteer of the Month : Debbie “GiGi” Northcraft


Meet our October volunteer of the month, Debbie Northcraft. Debbie is one of our best. She’s a long time, faithful & dependable volunteer.

If there’s a need, you can always count on her doing her very best to be there for the animals. She’s a dog walker, cat cleaner, transporter, off-site adoption participant, Walmart tagger…..and the list goes on ! Sometimes it’s just a matter of sitting and giving love to a scared animal….that small gesture can make a world of difference !


Congratulations GiGi – THANK YOU!

August 2016 | Volunteer of the Month : Traci McFadden


Traci is a long-time Jefferson County Humane Society Volunteer – that we could not do without!

She’s often asked to work with our larger dog breeds that need a little TLC.
She’s fabulous at whipping them into shape – with no problem!

She’s always willing to help transport an animal and is involved with many fundraisers we hold throughout the year.
Anytime we need help – Traci is there!

traci and lisa

Traci is helping us create a Cage Break Program that will be such a treat for our shelter dogs!
She’s definitely invaluable to the Shelter Staff and Residents!

Congratulations Traci – THANK YOU!

July 2016 | Volunteer of the Month : Annette Buckmaster


Annette is very involved in our off-site adoptions and fundraisers!

She is one of our most devoted & regular “cat ladies”.
There’s no doubt you’ll find her in our cat room cleaning, playing, socializing, and loving on our shelter feline friends.

It’s volunteers like Annette who tremendously help our staff enrich the animal’s lives while they wait for new homes.


Our Shelter Staff relies on people like Annette in so many ways, and JCHS is so grateful for the kindness and selflessness of this wonderful volunteer!

Congratulations Annette – THANK YOU!