September 2017 | Volunteers of the Month : Dona & Rick Clashman

Say hello to Dona and Rick Clashman, our September volunteers of the month.

This dedicated couple comes as a package deal but definitely can be counted on if needed individually.  Dona and Rick are ALWAYS there to assist our Humane Operations team and opening their home to fostering our non traditional animals like ferrets.

We are very grateful to have this dynamic duo as part of our shelter family!   CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you for ALL you do!

There’s No Place Like Home | Tips for Lost Pet Owners

Having your pet stray away from home can be a very stressful experience. It’s easy to not think rationally and consider some simple steps you can take to attempt to become reunited again.
Hopefully, we can help by providing the tips listed below…

1.) Don’t waste time “beating yourself up”. Your pet straying away from home does not define you as a good or bad pet owner. Animals are naturally curious, and sometimes that can lead to the unfortunate scenario of them straying away from their owner. It’s more important to focus on becoming reunited with your pet again – safely. It’s definitely an upsetting situation, but try to remain as calm and clear minded as possible.

2.) Contact your local animal shelter(s)/humane society. Let them know that your pet has strayed away from home and provide them with information about your pet and reliable ways to get in touch with you if your pet ends up in their care. You may be surprised to find out that your pet is already waiting for you at their facility.

*** Be sure to ask the shelter if they will reach out to your local Dog Warden as well. In most cases, the Dog Warden and the Animal Shelter are 2 separate entities. Find out how you can notify the Dog Warden as well. ***

3.) If you use any type of social media – take advantage of it! Upload and share some visually clear photos of your pet – along with a good description of the animal and reliable ways to contact you if your pet has been found. Don’t limit yourself and just share this information with your family and friends. Perform a search on the social media site that you use for the official pages or groups connected to your local animal shelter(s), city, clubs, etc. Everybody knows somebody – and that “somebody” just might have your pet. Along with your personal social media accounts – you’re more than welcome to share your lost pet’s photos and information with the 15,000+ followers of our Facebook Page.

Jefferson County Humane Society share a photo of every stray animal that makes their way to our shelter on their Facebook Page. This helps them become very successful in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

A live feed of our Facebook Page posts is available to view below…

*** Keep in mind that social media is not the only way you can share photos and information about your lost pet. You can send a mass text out to your family and friends to pass along, e-mail it, and share the info on sites that provide free local classified ads online. ***

4.) Watch for ads shared by someone housing a stray pet. They may be actively looking for the owner of a lost pet that they are caring for, and they may have not come across any material showing that you are the lost pet’s owner and are actively searching for them.

5.) The Herald Star located in Steubenville, Ohio will run a free 3-day Lost Or Found Advertisement. Contact them at 740-283-4711.

6.) Sometimes good old fashioned posters that you can create and hang up around the area you lost the animal work better than “new-age” techniques. It doesn’t hurt to knock on a few neighborly doors as well.

7.) A great resource for potentially finding a lost pet is a website called PetFBI.