Adoption FAQ’s

How does the adoption process work?

If you are looking to add a certain breed of cat or dog to your family, you can view the Adoptable Pets section of our website. It is updated every time a pet is available. We also feature our adoptable pets on our official Facebook page.
If your mind isn’t set on a certain type of feline or canine friend, then your best option is to come to the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in person to browse through the cat and dog areas.
If you have a pet already, you’re more than welcome to bring them along with you to the shelter to see how they interact with any of our pets that strike your interest.
First, you’ll be asked to fill out a short form that requests basic information (name, address, phone, etc.) – along with other details that are important for our adoption specialists to know… Do you have any pets already? Do you prefer large or small breeds? What’s your lifestyle like?
Our adoption specialists are very involved with the animal residents of the shelter, and by providing them with a chance to get to know you better – it helps them to help you find your purrr’fect match!
After a brief chat session, our adoption specialist will bring out a few potential pets for you to visit with – or take you on a stroll through the housing areas of the shelter.
If you decide you’d like to adopt one of our furry friends and our adoption specialist feels that you are a good match – you’ll be able to pay the adoption fee and begin life with your newest family member.

What type of pets do you adopt out?

We mainly adopt out cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens.
On occasion, we foster other types of animals until they are adopted. For example: farm animals, reptiles, feathered friends, and other furry critters.

How do you get your animals?

The animals housed at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter come from a variety of sources, such as:
Pets that are relinquished by their initial owners because of a move, allergies or a lifestyle change.
Pets that have been rescued by our Humane Officers because of abuse or neglect.
Pets that have strayed away from home and were never reclaimed.
Pets that were transferred from other shelters or organizations because of overpopulation.
All of our companion pets have passed our medical and behavioral screenings, are currently or contracted/scheduled to be spayed or neutered, microchipped and fully vetted with age-appropriate vaccinations.

Can I request a particular breed?

If you are seeking a specific breed of dog or cat, we recommend that you periodically check the Adoptable Pets section of our website to see if the desired breed is available. A wide variety of new pets are made available throughout the year. However, our favorite breed is RESCUE!

Do you always have puppies and kittens available?

Kittens are seasonal. We start receiving litters usually in May and they are available through November.
Puppies are often available year round. Keep an eye on our adoptable pet listings.

I’m thinking about adopting a pet as a gift to a friend. What do you suggest?

The choice of adopting a new pet must be made by the person that will be caring for the pet. Some of our orphan dogs and cats have been relinquished because the client was given the pet as a present. Because pets are a lifelong commitment, it is very important that there be a bond between pet and owner. It is standard procedure that our adoption specialists meet and speak to the primary caregivers before the adoption of a pet is approved.


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